Buildings engineering services

From initial concept to analysis to final compliance letter, we have provided professional structural engineering services for both new and existing buildings.


For both Canadian and American building codes, our team has an extensive experience in the structural design of industrial, commercial, residential, educational and infrastructure buildings. Our portfolio includes design of small to mid-size buildings such as residential, offices, schools, and warehouses.

Our range of expertise includes structural steel, reinforced concrete, cold formed steel, masonry, and timber structural systems.

  • Design of new buildings
  • Evaluation of existing buildings
  • Repair of damaged building structural members
  • Building permit applications
  • Correspondence with city officials, labour department, and property management firms


For small to mid-size buildings, we have performed the following:

  • Gathered necessary data for concept design
  • Performed structural analysis for class A, B, and C design phases
  • Prepared structural tender drawings and specifications
  • Contract administration
  • Reviewed shop drawings
  • Performed site visits during construction
  • Corresponded with City officials
  • Provided compliance/ sign-off letters

Evaluation or Modification of Existing Buildings

Let us assist you in determining if the structural capacity of existing floor, roof column, or steel structure is adequate to support equipment loads such as HVAC, antennas, racks, hoists, platforms, etc. Based on the available data from the drawings, we perform structural analysis to determine the structural adequacy for the proposed loading. In the absence of structural drawings, we perform site visit to gather relevant details required for the modifications or evaluations.

Our services include:

  • Structural modification of existing industrial, commercial, and residential buildings
  • Structural evaluation and design of existing floors and roofs for installation of new equipment, solar roof panels, hoists, cranes, antenna structures, platforms, shelters, etc.
  • Determining structural adequacy of foundation or concrete floor slab
  • Structural drawings for proposed modifications
  • Load capacity evaluation of existing mezzanines, hoists, conveyors, etc.
  • Structural analysis reports
  • Foundation design or evaluations
  • Structural analysis and design of new steel, concrete, wooden, masonry, and cold-formed structures
  • Assistance in building permit applications

Repair of Damaged Structural Components or Members

Got damaged columns, beams or other structural members? Our successfully completed projects list includes damage assessments, evaluations, structural reinforcement drawings, construction site reviews, and the final sign-off letters.

We have provided the following services:

  • Site visit to evaluate damage extent
  • Proposed solutions, and drawings for the repair
  • Correspondence with the contractors
  • Shop drawings reviews
  • Construction reviews
  • Compliance letters
  • Correspondence with the City, or Labour department


We have prepared and submitted complete permit application package documents for modifications, evaluations, repairs of existing structures, or new structures.

The permit package may include the following:

  • Commitment to general review forms (Architectural, Electrical, Fire/sprinkler, Structural)
  • Structural design drawings
  • Construction site visits
  • Correspondence with City officials
  • Compliance letters

Industrial Structures

From initial consultation to final construction reviews, we offer complete array of structural engineering services for industrial structures, such as:

  • Structural analysis for code compliance
  • Evaluation or design of cranes, conveyors, hoists, girders, industrial storage structures
  • Submission of drawings and reports
  • Platform design of for industrial equipment
  • Design for modification of existing industrial structures
  • Correspondence with municipal or labour officials

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