• Load Capacity
  • Certification
  • Inspections
  • Building Permits
  • Foundation Evaluation

Industrial Storage Racking

From a single rack to distribution warehouses of over 100,000 ft2, we have successfully provided services in the following areas:

  • Racking certifications/ Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR)
  • Safety or maintenance inspections
  • Rack loading capacities
  • Seismic/earthquake analysis, and reports
  • City permit applications
  • Foundation design, slab on grade assessment letters
  • Correspondence with municipal and department of Labour officials

Rack Certification/PSR (Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews)

It’s the law. Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to ensure the safety of their employees while working around material handling equipment and pallet racking. A rack PSR is a document, which provides load capacity certifications, and identifies if there are any non-compliance issues with the relevant safety standards and regulations. As per OHSA regulation employers cannot load or operate racks until a PSR has been completed by a professional engineer.

Concrete Floor Assessment/ Foundation Design

Let us assist you in determining if the existing warehouse concrete floor slab is adequate to support the rack loads. Based on the available data from the building structural drawings, and rack data, we perform slab-on-grade analysis to determine if the concrete floor can sustain the rack loads. In the absence of building structural drawings, we can also arrange for bore holes to gather necessary details required for the slab report.

Certain municipalities or property development firms may require slab on grade assessment letter.


Our expert team knows the building permits process. We prepare and submit complete permit application package documents which may include:

  • Commitment to general review forms (Architectural, Electrical, Fire/sprinkler, Structural)
  • Letter for structural capacity of the floor slab
  • Fire protection letter or drawings
  • Egress and exiting distance drawings
  • Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs
  • Letter of use
  • Racking certification document (Either PSR or letter from manufacturer)
  • Structural analysis reports


There is a wide spectrum of storage racks, and material handling equipment out there in the market to choose from. Our specialized expertise in material handling environment, has enabled us to maximize your warehouse space while meeting your requirements and budget.

We can assist you in:

  • Selecting type of racks (single selective, push back, gravity flow, drive-in, cantilever)
  • Preparing layout drawings for efficient utilization of space
  • Determining aisle width space as per your warehouse operations
  • Selecting type of forklifts

Safety Inspections and Structural Analysis

We have performed structural analysis for customized storage structures for code compliance and to determine the load capacities, using both Canadian and American codes. Besides Canadian codes, our American codes experience include, RMI/ANSI MH-16.1, IBC, ASCE, ACI, AISC 360, California Building Code.

We can assist in:

  • Performing structural analysis for all types of storage structures including racks, shelves, and mezzanines
  • Preparing reports for code compliance
  • Warehouse safety inspections
  • Maintenance or safety inspections

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